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“Career for me means a change and a chance to learn.”

Karolina Ferensienė

Karolina Ferensienė, Business Controller, kam vor rund drei Jahren von der SEB in Litauen zur SEB nach Frankfurt und erzählt über ihre Zeit bei der Bank in Deutschland.

“My main drivers to come to SEB Germany were my career path and the opportunity for a life changing experience for my family. I used to have business trips before to Stockholm and Frankfurt, so I already had a feeling what it would be like to live and work abroad. However, it was a completely new environment for my husband and my kids. I believe that this kind of change broadens your views and is extremely valuable for your professional and individual growth.

I take a lot of great memories from the time we lived in Germany. Even though, it was tough with the Corona pandemic. But we managed to travel, my kids learned English, and it was our first time that we could watch a soccer match in a big stadium – we managed to support Eintracht Frankfurt – thanks to the Finance colleagues for helping us with the tickets. Also, we joined a badminton club and did a lot of hiking and biking trips.

What I will miss most are the people. First of all, my colleagues – my amazing Finance team and everyone I had the pleasure to work with. We’ve built friendships at kids’ school and met great people at the Lithuanian community in Frankfurt and fellows at sport.

Career for me means a change and a chance to learn. I value learning a lot and I think shifting your career path either horizontally or vertically is a great way to boost learning and to develop as a professional. Starting in February, I’ll gradually move to a new role that is located at SEB’s Global Services Vilnius. I’ll be the product owner for the financial steering tribe which works towards system development such as profit, AuM, FPP and later on EPM. The latter stands for Enterprise Performance Management and is a future system to replace MPC/FPV and GRS and will be our planning tool starting next year.

It’s again a great chance to learn, get to know the tech world better and improve the user experience for those systems. I’m looking forward to this new journey and keep my Frankfurt experience as one of the best periods of my life!”