Sustainable Finance Summit 2019

For the fifth year, SEB Germany hosts the Sustainable Finance Summit (former Climate Finance Summit). Together with our distinguished and professional panelists we will focus on the upcoming taxonomy of the EU Commission.

Sustainability – the topic is one of the most pressing of our time, practically for most sectors of society, but especially for companies and institutions. The EU Commission is outlining various guidelines, which will be a real game changer as these increase the overall transparency within the market and define hard key figures for the industry and investors. The recent published guidelines would have significant impact on companies refinancing activities and investors investment processes. The Commission envisages, among other things, greater integration of sustainability criteria in risk management, ratings and market analyses. 

You are cordially invited to the 5th SEB Sustainable Finance Summit. Together with renowned ESG and sustainable finance experts from industry, country politics and the EU we will discuss:

  • How do we interpret and adjust to new regulations?
  • How do we implement laws and directives ?
  • How can we learn from sustainable finance best practices?

We are pleased to be able to look at these questions from different angles: Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance (TEG), government bodies, central bank, energy provider, corporates and investors.

We are looking forward to energetic discussions and the sharing of views on 13 November.